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Fighting for Isabella
By Matthew Coleman

A New York mother is determined to secure insurance coverage of hearing aids for children in the state.

War veterans facing epidemic of hearing loss injuries
By Tom Philpott

Increases in the number of hearing-related injuries among vets cause the Department of Defense to look for new preventive solutions.

Let deaf Americans serve their country
By Robert B. Weinstock

Deaf cadet Keith R. Nolan garners support in his quest to enter the U.S. army.


New York’s finest called out on hearing aid ban
By Gina Shaw

HJ investigates a discrimination claim filed against the NYPD after two officers are reportedly forced to retire because they wear hearing aids.

ADA sues ASHA over certification
By Anne Scheck

The Academy of Doctors of Audiology and the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association struggle to find common ground on the certificate of clinical competence in audiology.

CONVENTION PREVIEW: ADA sessions will be the calm after the storm

An exclusive look at what’s to come at this year’s Academy of Doctors of Audiology Convention in Bonita Springs, FL.

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  • A Year-end Report on the State of the Industry
  • Jace Wolfe, PhD: Best Moments in Pediatric Audiology 2011
  • Thomas C. Hain, MD: Interpretation of Vestibular Testing

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